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The Hot Shots paintball facility has grown in popularity over the years to become one of the most exciting player venues in Australia and certainly the most elaborately built and unique paintball field in Victoria.

Hot Shots is now the proud host for the Australian World Scenario Event, the "Tippmann Challenge - Australia".

Hot Shots now joins the elite few of venues chosen throughout the world to host the World Tippmann Challenge.

The first Australian event was held 1st September 2012 which attracted paintball enthusiasts from around the whole of Australia. Players attended from Perth, Sydney, Queensland, ACT, NSW and South Australia, making Australia's Tour of Duty and first Tippmann Challenge - Australia event one of the most travelled in Australia.

The event was a huge success, with players forming tactical squads, commanded by Generals, assigning specific missions to each squad.

Missions included bridge demolitions, building clearance and captures, tower demolitions, spy retrievals, heavy armoured insertions and heavy armour defence.

This event is the corner stone for the Australian TOUR OF DUTY series and first INTERNATIONAL TIPPMANN CHALLENGE – AUSTRALIA event.

Tour of Duty - 2015

Tippmann Challenge / Tour of Duty 04 - 29th August 2015.

"Click" here for several videos taken on the day.

Stay tuned for the next TOUR OF DUTY event.