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Some of the most common questions asked are listed below. If your question isn't answered below, just contact our office by phone or email and we would be happy to provide an answer.

I have purchased a VIP Card for another location but now I want to play at Hot Shots, can I?
Yes, at Hot Shots we prefer you to have the best paintball experience possible. Just call our office and we can assist you. More often than not we can not only honour the VIP Card but even increase the offer, giving you and your group a better deal.
What makes Hot Shots different to other paintball fields?
Where do we start; Hot Shots has the largest assortment of themed playing fields, and set in the most awesome natural environment with massive granite boulders. Hot Shots is the only paintball field in Victoria with a real Army Tank, Hollywood Special Effects designed explosions and sound effects.

Hot Shots has the largest and greatest amount of Castles, Bridges, Trench Systems and Playing Fields. Hot Shots also has Film Set quality fields such as the Wild West Town, Pacific Landing and Egyptian Citadel with Sphinx. We also are the only field with real Movie Props from Steven Spielburg's miniseries THE PACIFIC which include Landing Craft, Armoured Vehicles, Trucks, Plane wrecks and other set props. All of this combines for an awesome, immersive paintball experience that you wont find anywhere else.

At Hot Shots we have spent years to create a unique game experience and cater for people who want more than the average paintball game.  In addition all players are provided with camouflage and the latest gear. We provide every player with a free bottle of water and our staff are trained for your enjoyment. Hot Shots is Victoria's only TQUAL Quality Assured paintball operator. Most of the above is exclusive to Hot Shots. However, we encourage you to please compare for yourself.
Is Paintball safe to play?
Paintball, Kids Paintball and Hot Shots Laser Tag are some of the safest leisure activities you can play. The equipment used at Hot Shots is maintained to a high standard, our staff are trained to maintain high safety standards and are trained in first aid should an incident occur. Markers are velocity checked and players briefed on safe play and conduct. Our goal is to create a safe environment to play the most exciting game possible. Players however, should be aware of their personal physical fitness and limitations.
What is the minimum age to play at Hot Shots?
Paintball: To play paintball anywhere in the State of Victoria, the legal minimum age is 16 years. In addition a person must not be a prohibited person. Under 18's must have parental consent.

Kids Paintball: Kids from 10 years and above can participate in Kids Paintball games - YES big kids (adults) can play as well. A great family activity.  Under 18's must have parental consent.

Laser Tag: Kids from 10 years and above can play Laser tag. This is a great activity for all ages. Under 18's must have parental consent.
What happens if we have an alcoholic drink or two before we come and play?
We have a breathalyzer on site and we use it every week. Legally, players cannot participate if they have a blood alcohol reading higher than 0.00. Under no circumstances will a person be allowed to play if they blow above 0.00. In addition that person will also forfeit their deposit.
Do I need I.D. to play?
Yes, Every player for paintball games, regardless of age must have PHOTO I.D. Refusal of entry may occur and deposit forfeited if a player does not produce an I.D. on request. If a person does not have photo i.d. please contact our office prior to game day.
How much does it cost to play paintball?
 Check out the prices and package section for further details. There are some great packages for group bookings. Prices for Kids Paintball,  Laser Tag and Paintball are listed on this site. If you have a budget for a corporate booking, please contact our office.
When do deposits need to be paid?
Payment of deposits guarantee the day and session time you wish to play. It is required to pay deposits prior to the game date. In addition we highly recommend that deposits are collect from each player before the organizer pays for the total deposit amount. This way players are committed to play and the organizer is not penalized if players do not turn up on the day. Bookings remain tentative and open until deposits have been received.
Can I get a refund if I cannot come?
Yes - you can get a refund, as long as two days notice is provided. In the event of a no-show, refunds will not be provided or transfer of funds to other players will not be permitted.
How many players do I need in a group to play?
Player numbers are not critical. As long as sufficient numbers are playing on the day, small numbered groups can be combined with other groups to increase team sizes. The most fun group size is between 25 and 40 players.

For Kids Paintball a minimum booking of 10 players is required.

For Laser Tag a minimum booking of 15 players is required.
How many players do I need in a group to play exclusively?
A minimum of 30 players is required to play exclusively as your own group. This provides two teams of 15. Exclusive play is also subject to availability.

Kids Paintball and Laser Tag games are usually conducted as a closed (private) group.
Can our group be on the one team if we combine?
Groups will always be mixed. That way your mates still shoot and play against each other. In addition respect for the opposition is always maintained and is much more fun.
Can more players come on the day?
Yes, we can assemble additional gear whilst the group prepares to play. However if possible give us as much notice as possible.
What happens if players arrive late?
Late arrivals have to be geared up and attend our safety brief. It is unfair on punctual players to wait for late arrivals. Players arriving late may miss one or two games within the session.
How long do games last?
Paintball: Each game usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Within each half day session between 6 and 8 games can be played. Depending on the day and commitments with other groups, extended play time can occur if the group wants to play an extra game or two.

Kids Paintball and Laser Tag sessions are for 1.5 hours of game time.
Can I bring my own paintballs?
Definitely NOT. Paintballs must be purchased on site on the day. This is for financial as well as safety reasons. Persons who try to bring their own paintballs will be asked to leave the premises.
Does paintball hurt?
Most people describe a paintball hit similar to a slap. However it all depends on where you get hit or tagged. If the paintball hits you on the goggles you will not feel a thing but if the paintball hits on a fleshy body part, then you will feel it.


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